5 Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider

When reaching out to prospects in the public sector, you want to put your best step forward. As is always the case, budgets are tight. You need to make the most of your departmental dollars.

The secret is to launch a strategy that uses channels that hone in on your target market, and where might they be congregating these days? The different channels of the internet. Hence, this is the reason for devising a marketing plan in the digital space. Ramp up your marketing efforts with these five proven tactics.

Content marketing at the core

It’s that time of year when your business is taking another look at its marketing plan. As with all elements of your strategic decision-making, it is best to heed the advice of the experts. World-renowned digital content guru Rebecca Lieb points out that “Content is the atomic particle of all digital marketing.”

In this Age of Information, words matter – a lot. You rely on targeted communications to attract, draw in, and keep your audience.

Content marketing is carried out in a variety of ways. These include articles, blogs, videos, media, podcasts, and more. With these parts of your cohesive marketing strategy, you will accomplish your key goals.

Social media the new way

No matter the size of  your prospect pool, social media is the critical first step. Through this all-important channel, you have the platform to prove your credibility. Social media is how the masses create, share, and exchange information in the online realm. Community networking sites are morphing. The most widely used are LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, even Twitter and TikTok are popular, as well. There’s your organic posts, but also through paid posts, you can target your prospects instead of hoping they will see your organic post. It’s a collaboration of the two.

Even the advanced application of social media will only take your marketing so far. There are many more tools on the horizon.

Much more than video

Video has become a powerful tool in marketing over the past five years. It’s not a new concept but a lot has changed. What was previously an urban medium is now seen all over the country and in rural markets as well. Generally speaking, a video helps to convey the “how to” of a product or service.

With diverse segments in which to market, there are multiple means to deliver a video message that doesn’t need all the production setup and investment The below are evolving:

  • Unedited smartphone videos: Deemed more authentic, these videos are a sought-after way to post testimonials and client feedback.
  • User-generated video content (UGC): This refers to a video that is created by customers, for customers. Also consider a video created by employees about “a day in the life” for recruiting purposes.
  • Vlogs: Similar to the concept of a blog but in video format.

The trend in video is that less is more. Once upon a time, a 4-minute video was appropriate. Nowadays, a 15-second one is optimal.

Website front and center

Bill Gates sums up the use of websites perfectly. In the mid-90s, he famously quoted, “If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

A lot has changed since then, but you have to think of your website as an extension of your Business Development team or your recruiters.  It’s speaking when you are not there.

There is a pronounced move in design and presentation every few years. Accessibility for mobile and desktop users is a must-have for a good UE. With modern technology, the more consumers are given, the more they want. This elicits the need for a professional to leverage cutting-edge website value-adds like these (just a sampling of what is out there):

  • Brutalism: Thanks to social media, the raw style of brutalism is “in.”
  • Typography: Some of the most popular are oversized, kinetic, and retro.
  • Contrast Colors: These are trending. 3D and comfortable colors are widely seen as well.

And don’t forget about the video!

What is meant by behavioral targeting (on a digital display)

We live in a data world. There are multi-customer interactions in which businesses are now capturing key data points – and taking full advantage of their findings whether it’s purchased 3rd party data, or the most desired, 1st party data. This brings us to the concept of behavioral targeting. Businesses are studying data in the context of how it portrays the behavior of consumers.

You can derive a personalized marketing plan by studying how your target market responds (or not) to your website and campaigns. In essence, savvy businesses use the activities of their prospects to pinpoint which channels and messaging will best resonate.

The bottom line

Whether you sit in the office of a primary, a sub-contractor or a local agency, your mission is to enhance the credibility of your organization. You recognize this as the tried-and-true strategy to win more contracts. However, many lack the know-how to carry out a marketing plan that coincides with digital transformation. Modernize your marketing techniques with AMG Defense Tech so that you can level up your reach. This is the first step to remaining competitive in the marketplace.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you adapt to the evolving marketing landscape and ramp up your efforts, please contact us today.

Published On: October 25, 2022