Coping with the lasting labor shortage

The numbers are grim. You glimpse any news channel today and there are reports of how companies of varying sizes are coping with the lasting labor shortage. In spite of the challenges, there is a clear path to get ahead of the curve. According to the Economist, “The labor shortages are forcing firms to get creative.”

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5 Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider

When reaching out to prospects in the public sector, you want to put your best step forward. As is always the case, budgets are tight. You need to make the most of your departmental dollars. The secret is to launch a strategy that uses channels that hone in on your target market, and where might they be congregating these days? The different channels of the internet. Hence, this is the reason for devising a marketing plan in the digital space. Ramp up your marketing efforts with these five proven tactics.

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Why Government Contractors Need Digital Marketing

All contractors in the public sector are faced with the same challenges these days. Whether you are focused on talent acquisition or business development, every government contractor aims to invite more qualified leads into their pipeline. The end goal is to hire top talent, secure contracts, and win deals. It’s a highly competitive space so much so that securing contracts and winning deals has been met with increased difficulty.

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Google Analytics – Intro to GA4

Earlier this year, Google announced Universal Analytics properties will stop recording website analytics on July 1, 2023. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will then be the only platform offered by Google. Let's walk through a few important points of this update including: why now, why in the first place, how this may impact the platform you lean on for narratives regarding your websites and the opportunity this unlocks across our industry.

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Using Multiple Sources of Hire

Hiring managers need to be multifaceted in how they implement their recruitment tactics. For talent acquisition, there’s no magic pill — or single source of hire — that’s 100 percent effective, because those highest quality candidates seeking their career’s next step use quantity as well as quality before they apply.

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