New Employee Spotlight: Kamala Burks

AMG Defense Tech is pleased to announce that we have a new Senior Media Consultant on the team. Kamala Burks is not a new employee of AMG but has a brand-new role. The organization is delighted to have a pro who will use her deep know-how of the ins and outs of AMG Defense Tech to help her clients.

Kamala Burks – Senior Media Consultant

Kamala has enjoyed a 30-year career in sales, beginning as early as high school in the retail sector. Upon graduating from high school, Kamala sought a job at the Birmingham News. Through their partnership with the Inroads Internship program, she earned respect as a young star in the Advertising Department.

Kamala is a proud graduate of the University of Alabama. Her major was in Asian Studies, but she also did coursework in International Marketing. Kamala shares, “My education provided me with some early insights and knowledge into how marketing can be leveraged.”

After graduating from UA, Kamala took a job in Japan. While there she gained exposure to a wide range of cultures. Through her employment in Japan, Kamala was able to work with peers from across the globe. She learned how to link up with workers of diverse backgrounds and pivot when needed. It was also a stepping stone to building a network that would propel her career in the years to come.

Upon returning to the States, Kamala continued to thrive and grow in the marketing world. She returned to the Birmingham News family and enjoyed great success there until moving to Alabama Media Group.

Aside from her sales savvy, Kamala is a leader as well. Throughout her career, Kamala has served on several boards. Most recently Kamala took on the all-important role of President of Alabama Media Group’s Leadership Council where she worked on multiple projects.

Kamala lives in Birmingham, AL, right now and planning to move to Huntsville. She is the busy mother of a 12-year-old and an active volunteer in her church and community at large. Kamala is good-natured, loves to travel, and is passionate about her job. Kamala is excited to begin the journey as a member of the sales team. She will 100% deliver top-notch results to each and every client.

We are glad to add Kamala to the team and can’t wait to see how she thrives in her new role. Kamala can be reached at or 205-325-2142.

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Published On: April 24, 2023