Huntsville Hiring Report – Software Engineering Edition

The hiring difficulty score for software engineering in Huntsville is 9 meaning we expect it to be very difficult to fill compared to all other open positions globally.

Top titles

What are the most in-demand titles?

Top Education Levels

What are the most in-demand education levels?

Active Employers

Which employers are currently hiring for software engineering positions?

Top Experience Levels

What are the most in-demand experience levels when hiring software engineers?

Defense and technology workers are not looking for a job. More than money, they’re looking for the growth opportunities, the right culture, lifestyle and work life balance. Are you getting their attention? We know how to tell your story so candidates get to know you to choose the best long-term fit.  AMG Defense Tech specialists can help you create the talent recruitment strategy you need to staff your business in this challenging market.

Source: TalentNeuron, October 2023

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Published On: May 2, 2023