The War for Talent continues in 2024. Despite signs of a slowing economy and rising interest rates, companies need help attracting the best talent in hyper-specialized fields like technology and engineering.

While tech industry layoffs were seemingly cause for celebration, they have yet to help firms in the defense and high tech sector attract these highly sought-after workers. A new approach is desperately needed.

Companies have to do more than offer attractive compensation. They must also provide the aspects of work that tech talent appreciates but often lack, including work-life balance, flexibility, and interesting assignments. They must also modernize their often-outdated recruiting practices to successfully compete with tech firms.


To win the War for Talent in 2024, defense and high tech companies must aggressively market to passive candidates and position their firms as attractive destinations for high tech workers.

Branding the Workplace

While many companies start recruiting by crafting job postings and attending recruitment fairs, the battle for in-demand talent requires a more robust strategy.

When courting in-demand workers, companies often focus on just pay and benefits. That’s it. But the modern high-skilled employee also wants to understand what makes your company different from competitors. Before applying, the best talent wants to learn about your culture, work-life balance, and how their work fits into their larger community.

When you need to hire quickly and source the best talent with specialized skills, job postings alone won’t attract the volume, nor the quality of applicants you need.

By branding the workplace—your company’s capabilities, culture, community impact, training and mentoring programs, and career advancement opportunities—you proactively create a pool of motivated candidates looking for a way to join your firm.

Feeder Markets Can Increase Candidate Pool Size

If your company has a hard time finding enough ready candidates close to home, expanding the marketing campaign to include feeder markets can help. Feeder markets can mean many things. The most ideal are concentrations of defense-tech firms in other cities. Targeting workers by job title and industry can help, as well as specific skills you need. You can even micro-target larger company campuses or office parks.

Another approach is to target job titles and companies in a similar industry. These companies might employ workers with similar skill sets but work outside of the defense tech scope. Workers might be attracted to your unique culture or the nature of the company’s mission. Regardless, marketing to these workers requires unique campaigns, messaging, and visual images that feel on-point and relevant to the target.

Partner with a Strategic Recruitment Marketing Firm

Due to the highly specialized nature of the defense and high tech industry, recruitment marketing requires working with a specialized firm with the right skill set. A recruitment marketing firm will have the specialized experience to know exactly which tactics will work, such as using creative messaging and targeting parameters to make sure their client’s messaging is seen by the best candidates.

At AMG Defense Tech, our recruitment strategy has evolved beyond bottom-funnel job listings to customized campaigns that utilize the latest technology, marketing platforms, and digital measurements to source the right candidates for your needs at the right price.

Finding the right recruitment partner is critical for success.

Discover how AMG Defense Tech can help you tap into the untapped potential of passive candidates to meet the growing demand for skilled tech specialists and aerospace engineers in the defense and high tech industry—download our 2024 Recruitment Outlook now!

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By Published On: June 28, 2024

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