Client invested budget every year in creating awareness of the event through a mix of providers in prior years, but never saw reporting or understood if it had a return on their investment. AMG showed the potential of their reporting and value of that data in making business decisions prior to the actual summit and was awarded the contract.

When hearing AMG would be bidding on the business, one of the key analysts involved in the decision making process, Cary Pool, NCS Board Member, said, “No way!” However, after seeing how AMG goes about managing their digital clients, he had a change in heart and stated, “How soon can you start?”


AMG Defense Tech (AMG) was selected from 5 agencies. NCS used the same marketing budget as the prior year to actively promote the conference and push registrations.


  • Push thought-leadership for the 13th-year of this cyber security conference in northern Alabama.
  • Get IT professionals (from cyber analysts to C-Suite decision makers) to come to the conference to network, increase their knowledge and awareness of the challenges facing cyber security compliance and to connect with partners to assist in protecting organization’s, personel’s, and government data.
  • Increase YOY registrations that would lead to increased attendees and exhibitors.


The client did not choose products, but took AMG’s recommendations based on their budget, which was the same as the prior year for promoting registrations.

  • CPC Display – Top 10 Markets
  • Display/Homepage takeovers – Alabama for awareness, Huntsville for week of the summit
  • Paid Search – leveraging their Google Grant across the entire U.S.
  • Paid Social/LinkedIn used prior year attendee and (only) title and zip code match for Look-alike audiences – matched to 220K profiles
  • Targeted Email – used prior year attendee and (only) title and zip code list – matched to 16M email records they could deliver
  • Site Remessaging – anyone who visited their website during the campaign period


  • Set all new record of registrations for the event at 2,800, an increase of 21.7% YOY.
  • Sell out of Exhibition booths.
  • Increase of 150.2% in Top 10 markets to the website.
  • The campaign drove 64% of all traffic to the registration page.
  • 129% increase in YOY website users with overall website engagement metrics (3+ pages per session) increased 27.62%, YOY.
  • Display was their #1 paid conversion tactic followed by Paid Search.
  • For their Paid Search campaign, AMG was able to use 56% less budget, while increasing the conversion rate YOY by +28.49%, because of a better targeted audience, while increasing pages per session, and time on site by 73.6

“AMG Defense Tech was a true partner throughout the process and even after the event.  They not only gave us data and insight on the digital campaign, but issues that needed to be resolved that affected business decisions. Actually, we asked them to attend all our strategy sessions about the summit.  They didn’t just run the digital. They were a true partner in the success of the conference.”

Judy Darwin 2022 NCS Executive Director

“We didn’t know what we were getting with our marketing budget in prior years, but I have not seen anyone provide the level of analytics and delivery that AMG did on our campaign. They were really amazing!”

Jamie Miller President and CEO at Mission Multiplier and President of Cyber Huntsville and NCS Board member

Set new record for event registrations at 2,800 – an increase of 21.7% YOY

Increase of 150.2% in Top 10 markets to the website

129% increase in website users YOY

AMG used 56% less budget while increasing conversion rate by 28.49%

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you adapt to the evolving marketing landscape and ramp up your efforts, please contact us today.

Published On: January 6, 2023

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